Online Payment Gateway

1,250 EGP /Paid Once incl VAT


In partnership with a market leader, a payment gateway company add an online payment tool to your website  in easy steps without complicated procedures and start to accept credit /debit cards payment

Delivery: 3 Days

Package Details:

  • Add a payment gateway to your e-commerce website for quick and easy customer checkout.
  • Accept all major credit cards and Apple Pay with no coding or extra integration.
  • Support one-time and recurring payments
  • Highest security standards and PCI-DSS compliance with geidea Payment Gateway.
  • Better fraud detection and prevention using customer authentication (3D secure).
  • Advanced security settings like IP filtering and country restriction.
  • Track your sales, payout, and business using an advanced merchant dashboard.
  • Get paid fast and transfer your earnings to your bank account quickly.